March 28, 2019

Evolving to Flex Learning Spaces™

In looking back, I started this educational blog site in 2009 and have been writing sporadic posts here ever since.

Today, I changed the blog title to my new venture to celebrate my partnership with Jerry Van Wey as he is the CEO, and I'm the Director of Learning Space Design at our startup, Flex Learning Spaces™.

I have kept many of the older blog posts to remind me of my progress as a technology and learning space specialist in my changing roles from public school teacher (35 years), to educational consultant (5 years), to now. These blogs connect a bit of history for me where I started my first personal website (and blog), Micro Learning Spaces in 2009.

In kicking off this 'new and improved' blog, I'll be promoting our passion for K-12 learning spaces from our new website domain - and will link many of our projects, products, and constructive learning philosophy together here. I will present trends in K-12 learning spaces as our country hopefully moves learning forward to more of an inquiry and project-based curriculum. As I write this post, our current Secretary of Education proposed this week to cut the Education Department's budget by 8.5 billion dollars (about 12%). Yes, my friends, there is work to be done.

But I'll leave educational politics for another day and begin with a little journey through the past with a cut and paste from the Flex Learning Spaces™ page website, called About Us.
A Little History
        PIE Process

In 2009, Doug McIntosh started this original website and named it, Micro Learning Spaces. In 2011, he renamed the site Collaborative Learning Spaces, and in 2014 again renamed the site, Groupwerk® as his educational consulting business.

During these years leading up to 2019, Doug's passion for creating progressive learning environments fueled the many iterations of content for his online book,
Learning Environment Design (LED), available free on this website[].

Back to 2009. Doug worked for the Educational Technology Department in San Diego Unified School District whose team created the i21 Learning Initiative. The District's five year Initiative (funded through a local bond) provided every classroom, library and lab an interactive whiteboard, sound system, doc cam and presentation station. Every student in the district also had 1:1 access to a laptop or tablet in their classroom(s).

It is during this time that Doug met Jerry Van Wey who was the Lead System Integrator for Logical Choice Technologies, one company awarded a District contract to install the complete AV system into the District's learning spaces.

In 2013, Jerry formed ITG (Integrated Technologies Group), an AV integration company with a focus in the K-12 education market. ITG quickly developed a stellar reputation across California school districts for their AV integration services.

In 2018, Jerry hired Doug to work at ITG. In January 2019, Jerry and Doug formed Flex Learning Spaces™ as a separate company and are furniture dealers for Mooreco/Vanerum and Luxor. See Jerry's and Doug's contact information below.

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