April 4, 2009

Teacher you are IT! Vol. 2: Goomoodleikiog

As a follow up to my first Teacher you are IT blog that focused on Google Apps, I thought I'd give a shout out to two friends, Heidi Beezley and Leigh Murrell and look through their fantastic lens of Goomoodleikiog. In creating a teacher toolbox, I suggested that teachers look no further than using web based applications to create and manage their content. Internet or "cloud" computing gives teachers the freedom to control exactly how they want to communicate and collaborate with students, parents and colleagues. Heidi and Leigh expand upon this concept by identifying and providing instructional strategies for using four giant intersecting puffy clouds:
  1. Moodle = online classroom
  2. Google Docs = online binder/notebook/collaborative workspace
  3. Blogs = reflection journal/class discussion/sharing ideas
  4. Wikis = polished final products/brainstorming/collaborative workspace
from Goomoodleikiog - No, it’s not something I found at IKEA

Take a look at their first Goomoodleidiog video which focuses on the teacher perspective.

Then, view their brand new video from the student perspective. Both of these videos are extremely creative and fun to watch!

I think both Leigh and Heidi have done a terrific job in synthesizing the wonderful interactivity and power of these web applications giving both teacher and student the essential tools they need for their own toolbox.